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President's Associates

UT Tyler University Advancement

2013-2014 President's Associates

Diamond Membership ($5,000+)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Austin, Jr.
  • Mr. Harold C. Beaird
  • Bob L. Herd Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Miles Koon
  • Joyce and Bill Pirtle
  • Angel Saleh
  • Mrs. Mary John Spence


Pearl Membership ($3,000-$4,999)
  • Estate of Carolyn F. Hyman
  • Mrs. Glenda Barrett
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation (matching gift Stover, Albert)
  • Brett and Mary Kay Sheldon
  • Albert and Nancean Stover
  • Matching gift from Nan S. White (Merrill Lynch/BOA)
  • Nan S. White


Platinum Membership Level ($2,000-$2,999)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Chase
  • Mr. R.C. Curtis
  • Mr. D.M. Edwards
  • Walter and Patricia Farrington
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Faulkner
  • Marilyn and John Glass
  • Clark C. Hampe, Sr. M.D.
  • David and Janis King
    Mrs. Maurine G. Muntz
  • Marjean Phillips
  • James Stewart, Jr. and Colleen
  • Neal and Nell Velvin
  • Watson W. Wise Foundation


Gold Membership ($1,000-$1,999)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Abernathy
  • Mr. Jud Adams
  • Jeff Austin, Jr., Sissy Austin, Jeff Austin, III, John P. Williams
  • Robert and Kim Bailes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Upton Beall
  • Peggy and John Berry
  • Randy and Tosha Bjork
  • Louis and Betty Bower
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Lindsey Bradley, Jr.
  • Gaylan Braselton
  • Mike and Kay Breedlove
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Buie
  • Charles E. (Sam) Dawson
  • ETMC Regional Healthcare System/Elmer Ellis
  • The R.W. Fair Foundation
  • Doug Flatt
  • Gleiser Communications, LLC/KTBB Radio
  • Mrs. Mildred H. Grinstead
  • Billy Hibbs, Jr.
  • Mr. Charles Hill/Oncor Electric
  • Mrs. Nancy M. Jones
  • Michael and Lisa Lujan
  • Fritter and Mike McNally
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Z. Ornelas
  • James I. Perkins Family Foundation/Mr. and Mrs. James I. Perkins
  • Mr. Jack L. Phillips
  • Lynne E. Reynolds
  • Mrs. Marilyn Richey
  • Wayne and Sylvia Riddle
  • Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Riter III
  • Mr. Sam Roosth/East Texas Steel Services, LLC
  • Enviro-Care (Jay and Pam Schulz)
  • H. Don and Betty Ann Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smotherman
  • Mr. and Mrs. William F. Turner
  • Ted Walters and Chelsey W. Walters
  • Beth and Clayton Whitney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Willis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Young


Silver Membership ($500-$999)

  •  Danny and Sandy Adams
  • Drs. Lawrence Anderson and Svetislava J. Vukelja
  • Mr. J. W. Arnold
  • Bain Real Estate/Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bain
  • Barbara and Billy Bass
  • Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Bochow
  • David W. Booth
  • Mr. Dennis J. Bowles
  • Mrs. Gillian Brasfield
  • Dr. and Mrs. William G. Brelsford
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brettell
  • Mrs. Ina Brundrett
  • Robert Cargill
  • Mike and Misti Collins
  • Fran and Curtis Cooper
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford
  • Terry and Dennis Darryl
  • Mr. Robert M. Fair
  • Mr. and Mrs. Allen Fair
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ferrell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andy Guinn
  • Verna and George Hall
  • Preston and Marsha Harrison
  • Catherine and Craig Harrison
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hartley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Henderson
  • Drs. Samual and Edna Houston
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Hudnall
  • Mr. and Mrs. HT Hyde
  • Joanne and Steven Idell
  • Ben and Mary Jarvis
  • Drs. Robert and Shirley Jones
  • Allen C. Locklin
  • Mr. John Minton
  • Sheryl R. Palmer
  • Bonnie C. Palmer
  • Mr. Alfred R. Pate, Jr.
  • John G. Payne
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. Connally Powell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rayford
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wade C. Ridley
  • John C. Robbins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Roberts
  • Bryan and Susan Rossman
  • Dr. Clyde Fagg Sanford
  • Moliere Scarborough, Jr.
  • Linda Sellers
  • Gillian and James Sheridan
  • Dr. Lynda Speak
  • Eleanor Stringer
  • Ahnise and Hugh Summers
  • Linda and Charles Thomas
  • Marilyn and Ray Thompson
  • Richard and Margaret Wade
  • Jan and Kelly Walker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cad Williams
  • Mr. and Mrs. James T. Worthen
  • Sharon and James Wynne
  • Marietta Wynne
  • Janice and Jerry Yandell


Bronze Membership (<$500)
  • Keating V. Zeppa
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard Day