Academic Advising Center

Freshman Advising - Veronica Viesca

Welcome Patriots!

I am excited and looking forward to meeting you!

In 2009, I graduated with my Master's of Science degree in Human Resource Development and previously graduated with my Bachelor's of Business Administration degree in Management at UT Tyler.

In 2007, I accepted the job in the Academic Advising Center and enjoy every day. I currently help advise our entering, first time freshmen who have applied and been accepted into our Honors and GATE programs, as well as students who have not yet decided on a specific major. I am also the website administrator for the Academic Advising Center and serve as staff mentor for the Business Student Learning Community.

An interesting and fun fact about me is I participated in the Walt Disney World College Program. In 2003, I interned at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida and experienced a journey that to this day influences me in my advising.

When it comes to advising students, I feel Jennifer Bloom (NACADA President 2007-2008) said it best: "High impact advisors realize that the positive outcomes of advising sessions are not just limited to students; in fact the real joy of advising occurs when advisors understand how fulfilling it is to really impact other peoples' lives and how much they can learn from their advisees."

I welcome you again and encourage you to get as much fulfillment from this outstanding university as I have.

Contact Information:
Phone 903.565.5635
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