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Assessment Process and Rubrics

Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

Purpose of Annual Assessment Plan Reviews

The annual self-assessment of academic programs, administrative departments and student support programs/services provides documentation on continuous improvement planning to supports the university mission and strategic plan. Collection and analysis of assessment results focus on quality student learning, student success in and out of the classroom, and evidence of quality services in all administrative and support programs and departments. Professional staff in the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (AIE) provide assistance, professional development opportunities and assessment resources for the campus.

Review Process

The AIE staff completes initial reviews of the annual assessment plan updates with the chairs or directors using internal review rubrics and assessment professional staff in the academic colleges. Additionally, Institutional Effectiveness Committee members provide resource assistance and guidance to their assigned programs or departments in their college or division. Assessment "Snapshot" Forms are provided to programs to assist in assessment data collection and to confirm accuracy of current outcomes, assessment methods and success criteria and to ensure support documents are included with annual assessment plan updates.

An annual Assessment and Planning Summary Review meeting with the appropriate vice president is the final step in the review process for each assessment cycle. The VP review meetings include discussion of the planning strategies identified in each assessment plan under the supervision of the VP.

2017-18 Assessment Plan Review Forms


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