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UT Tyler 40th Anniversary


One of my favorite memories is the speech Dr. (George) Hamm would give at graduation. He would ask "would all the parents of the graduates please stand,” then he would keep going, adding brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and grandparents. Then when almost everyone was standing, he would say, "would anyone with any connection (or something like that) to the graduate please stand." The audience always got a kick out of that!

My other favorite memory was being a new nursing faculty in 1990 with a group of under 10 faculty. We ate lunch in Doris Reiman’s (the director) office. I also remember when there was ONE computer for all the faculty, and we would share it and download our work on a 5-inch floppy.

On a personal note, when my children were younger, we would bring bread and feed the ducks and the occasional duckling.

-Dr. Belinda Deal

I was taking Ben Ferrell flying around the campus in the early 1980s so he could take aerial photos of the campus. He worked for Ken Casstevens in the audio visual department. Everything east of the campus was wide open, nothing except for the KTBB transmitting tower.

Ben remarked that someday all that empty space would be student housing and other forms of growth. I was very skeptical and very wrong. There are photos of the campus back then, but I have no idea what ever happened to them.

-Dr. Tommy Gilbreath

My father, James Edward Young, worked here in the Physical Plant for 20 years. He started when it was Texas Eastern University. In 1982, our family home burned, and my parents moved out to the country in Noonday. Dr. Hamm liked to talk to Daddy and heard he had a lot of ducks.

He asked that Daddy bring 2 ducks to put in the ponds at the university. That is how our duck population started here. Of course, the ducks he brought have long been gone, but I think of him every time I see the ducks at the pond.

-Leanne Davis

When the Business Building was being built, Frank Smyrl was dean of Liberal Arts, a co-occupant. He noticed that the architects had not planned to put in a front door, i.e., a door to the parking lot. He had that corrected.

-Dr. Allen Martin

One of my favorite memories was when Nina Rogers (former registrar) was going through chemo and had lost her hair. All of enrollment management had “hat day” in her honor. We all wore all kinds of hats that day and had our picture made with her.

It was such an emotional time but also made you realize the closeness you establish with your co-workers and how much they mean to you. They truly are family. Nina was a beautiful inspiration!

-Kelli Hannis

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