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ANTH 2346: Introduction to Anthropology [TCCN: ANTH 2346]Explores human diversity by offering a balanced introduction to the four academic sub disciplines of anthropology: physical,cultural, archaeological, and linguistic, as well as the sub field of applied anthropology. Human origins and current biological diversity, global changes in the way of life, the rise and fall of civilizations, dialects and languages in different social contexts, and contemporary applications and careers in anthropology are among the topics discussed.

ANTH 3330:Cultural Anthropology Using both humanistic and scientific approaches, cultural anthropology offers a holistic, comparative perspective on human condition. The nature, principles and comparative topics of culture - such as subsistence, family, language, religion and art - will be studied. Visual examples will be drawn from many cultures, offering students an opportunity to appreciate both the complex cultural diversity and the common traits of the world. Applications of anthropological knowledge to contemporary problems will be discussed as well.

ANTH 3360:Archaeology Examines the beginnings of human cultures and the methods used to reconstruct and interpret the prehistoric human past. Includes consideration of the ethics of archaeological research as well as the question of who should be the guardian of human remains. Considers contemporary applications of archaeology as well as its relation to other disciplines. Latter part of the course will focus on archaeology of North America and Texas.

ANTH 3380:Physical Anthropology On the basis of fossil and other physical evidence, physical anthropology studies the origin of human species, the beginnings of culture, the role of heredity and environment in the development of humans, and current physical variation among human populations of the globe. In this course we will also discuss issues like our biological and ethical relations to other primates, the Neanderthal controversy, and the concept of "race.

ANTH 4360: Topics In Anthropology Selected topics in an identified area of anthropology or study of a specific cultural group. May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.

ANTH 4199-4699:Independent Study Independent study in specific areas of Anthropology not covered by organized undergraduate courses. Guided readings and a research paper on an approved topic. A maximum of six credit hours for independent study courses may be applied toward an undergraduate degree. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair required.

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