UT Tyler Department of Art and Art History

Faculty and Staff

Merrie Wright
Associate Professor/Art Department Chair
Office: ARC 120
Phone: 903.566.7423
E-mail: mewright@uttyler.edu

Gail Andrews
Administrative Assistant III
Office: ARC 122
Phone: 903.566.7250
E-mail: gandrews@uttyler.edu

Andrew Haslit
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: ARC 117
Phone: 903.566.7398
E-mail: ahaslit@uttyler.edu

Abhidnya Ghuge
Adjunct Professor
Office: ARC 122
Phone: 903.566.7250
E-mail: aghuge@uttyler.edu

Gary C. Hatcher
Office: ARC 138
Phone: 903.566.7486
E-mail: ghatcher@uttyler.edu

Alicia Conway
Studio Technician
Office: ARC 161
Phone: 903.566.6156
Email: aconway@uttyler.edu

Dewane Hughes
Office: ARC 127
Phone: 903.565.5510
E-mail: dhughes@uttyler.edu

Elizabeth Lisot
Assistant Professor
Office: ARC 116
Phone: 903.566.7484
E-mail: elisot@uttyler.edu

James R. Pace
Office: ARC 102
Phone: 903.566.7297
E-mail: jpace@uttyler.edu

Alexis Serio
Office: ARC 107
Phone: 903.566.7248
E-mail: aserio@uttyler.edu

Ray Sikes
Gallery/Media Coordinator
Office: ARC 115
Phone: 903.566.7237
E-mail: rsikes@uttyler.edu

William B. Stephens
Professor Emeritus
Dr. Stephens retired in the spring of 2005