UT Tyler

Dr. Neil Ford, Professor of Biology

Research Expertise

1998- Cooperative research with Texas Parks and Wildlife at the Old Sabine
Wildlife Management Area

1989- Established the Univ. Texas at Tyler Ophidian Colony
(self-sustaining research colony, approx. $12,000/year)
Animals are supplied to other researchers

1985- Phenotypic plasticity in life-history traits of snakes

1979- Snake behavior
The role of pheromones in snake sociobiology
Context-related activity and behavior of snakes

1984 - Issues of conservation of snakes and east Texas habitats
Advisor to Flora and Fauna Int. on endangered Antiguan Racer
Manager of Sheff's Wood (Nature Conservancy preserve)
Vertebrate surveys for Texas Parks and Wildlife
Population study of water dogs at Camp Tyler
Manager of Devil's Walking Stick, NAPA Wildlife Preserve

UT Tyler