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Office of Digital Learning

Research and Education is provided to you from Canvas to help “dig deep with articles, infographics, whitepapers and case studies.” Explore the experiences for users all across higher education, whether you’re interested in social networking, student-centered learning, course design or global education, resources are here waiting for you.

Canvas Commons is a learning resource repository where you can be a finder, importer or sharer of knowledge. Try it out and see what you can discover, and then add your wisdom to share with the community. UT Tyler has our own Canvas Commons areas specifically for the university or each college/department to share resources!

SpeedGrader is your feedback assistance tool for highlighting, freehand drawing, adding text, inserting audio feedback, etc. Faculty can utilize their SpeedGrader to annotate submitted assignments, and the best part is faculty can do this anywhere on any device!

Outcomes-based education is a component of the Canvas learning management system enhancing faculty effort to define and connect coursework with program expectations. Faculty in entire programs can connect with outcomes and rubrics to support student success.

Notifications for course updates (calendar, assignments, discussions, etc.) can be turned on based on individual’s preferences. Notifications can be pushed out to recipients through text, email or with social media!

There’s more! Check out the rest of the most highlighted Canvas Features:

Automated Tasks, Integrated Media Recorder, Ease of Use, IOS and Android, Analytics Reporting Engine, Profiles, Browser Support, LTI Integrations, Multimedia Integrations, Collaborative Workspaces…

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