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Requesting a Class Assignment or Presentation

Interested in including career development as part of your course material? Fill out the appropriate form below and submit to Career Success at careerservices@uttyler.edu

Class Assignment Form: this will be used as a class assignment.

Class Presentation Form: this is for a presentation in class with no required assignments.

Don't Cancel Class

Thinking about canceling class (conference, travel, meeting in Houston...)? Invite Career Success to provide a career development presentation. Presentation topics include: Resume Writing & Resources, Resume & Cover Letter Writing, Practice Interviews, Mock Interviews, and Career Assessments or Inventories.

If you are interested in requesting programming, choose the appropriate form above.

Resume Writing & Resources

Learn the latest techniques and resources in writing a resume. Learn not only how to format a resume, but integrate strategic skills statements which align with potential employers. Students will learn how to answer the question "What does the employer want?" to assure employer ready resumes.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

This includes the Resume & Resources section on resumes, with additional information about writing a professional cover letter. Students will learn an easy three step process for writing targeted, skills focused, and strategic cover letters.

Practice Interview (In-Person)

The practice interview program includes in-person interviews with employers and professional staff. Students will get the real interview experience with employer feedback at the end of the session. These are scheduled through Career Success.

Mock Interview (Interview Stream)

Students can do practice interviews anytime and anywhere online through Interview Stream which is linked to Patriot Jobs. Contact Career Success for log-in information.

Career Assessment or Inventory
(fees will apply, call for details)

Career Success offers three career assessments for classroom use. A classroom assignment administration of 15 minutes and separate 50 minute classroom interpretation is mandatory by a Career Development Specialist from Career Success. There are some fees that apply for classroom career assessments. We offer: Strong Interest Inventory, TypeFocus, and UT Tyler Major Finder. Contact Career Success at 903-566-7271 to discuss fee schedule.

Student Employment: How to Post Jobs and Review Applicants in Patriot Jobs 

To Get Registered as an Employer:

·         Go to uttyler.edu/careerservices

·         In the left hand column select Patriot Jobs > Employer

·         Select: Click here to register

·         Under the search bar Find Your Organization: Click Don’t see My organization

·         Put your organization name as Your Department, UT Tyler

·         As your branch/division put The University of Texas at Tyler

·         Continue filling out the rest of the information, scroll to the bottom to fill out your contact information

·         Click Register

·         Click Submit Profile

How to Post an On Campus Job:

·         Log In to your Patriot Jobs account

·         Select: My Jobs>New Job

·         Fill out Required categories in the two “Posting Information” sections

·         Select in the “Documents” section all documents you want to require applicants submit before applying to the position.
Click: Save

How to Review Applicants:

·         Log In to your Patriot Jobs account

·         Select: My Jobs>Job List

·         Select: Job you would like to view applicants for

·         Select: Page functions>View activity

·         Select: Referrals

·         Select: Box next to New student referral to select all applicants

·         Select: Create packets

·         You can download, view, and or print all

How to Report a Hire:

·         You can go to uttyler.edu/careerservices

·         Scroll to the bottom and select the icon that says “Report A Hire”

Who can post a position in patriot jobs?

Any faculty or staff member can post a position in Patriot Jobs. If you are in charge of hiring a student position, you can create a profile for yourself on Patriot Jobs. There is no need to go through other members of your team who may have previously managed your job postings.

Can I print the resumes of all my applicants?

Yes, you can create a packet of all the applicants that applied to your jobs.

How can I create a resume packet?

From the Patriot Jobs homepage once you are logged in go to my jobs

Select the job title

One the left under page functions select view activity

This will bring to the applicants who have applied on the page

Check the box that is next to New Student Referral (this is will select all of your applicants)

At the bottom select create packet this will create your packet.

You can also email the packet to yourself if you select the box of create packet that says email packet to self.

I’m having trouble seeing my applicants or I’m away from my office, what can I do?

Create a resume packet of your applicants and email to yourself or colleagues.

How can I view all the resumes on the database?

It’s not possible to view all the resumes on the database. However, if you post a job you can view the resumes of all your applicants.

What do I do if I already know I want to hire a student?

You are still required to post the position on Patriot Jobs. However, there is no minimum amount of time your jobs have to be posted. We recommend posting it only for the amount of time it takes for the candidate you would like to hire to apply to the job. (Typically 1-2 days)

What happens once I hire a student?

You can go to uttyler.edu/careerservices and scroll to the bottom and select the icon that says “Report A Hire”

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