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Marketable Skills for College of Pharmacy

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Pharmacy studentsBelow is a list of job titles for students or alumni who have a Doctor of Pharmacy. It includes information about their baseline, technical and specialized marketable skills typically needed for each job.  Students and faculty will be able access a resource list with the most sought after marketable skills by employers in today’s job market.  Each list is compiled from Burning Glass which was sourced from using a combination ONet and Burning Glass resource data. The majors and minors were sourced from the UT Tyler website pages.

Students and faculty may select the subject area then view multiple job titles associated with that major/minor.  There are three documents per job title: baseline skills, technical skills and specialized skills.  If you do not see a job title on our list, we invite viewers to recommend job titles to be added to the list.  Send your request to: careerservices@uttyler.edu.

For more information, how to use the resources on this site, or to submit more job titles contact Career Services at careerservices@uttyler.edu  or 903.565.5862.

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