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Master Degrees (discipline specific)

Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies

Applying for Admission

All students wishing to pursue a graduate degree at UT Tyler, or who wish simply to take graduate courses, must be admitted to graduate study. An application can be picked up in any departmental or college offices, at the Office of Graduate Admissions (ADM 202), or you can download an application from the admissions web site.

Filing a Degree Plan

Each student pursuing a graduate degree in the College of Arts and Sciences is expected to file a degree plan with the academic department during the first semester. This degree plan outlines your program of study and becomes the basis for conferring of the degree when the plan is successfully completed. A student may not graduate without an approved degree plan on file.

The degree plan form, which is available in the academic department, must be completed in consultation with the student's academic adviser and the department chair, and must be approved by the College's Graduate Coordinator. Any changes in the degree plan must be approved by the adviser, department chair and the Graduate Coordinator.

The Comprehensive Examination

Most master's programs in the college require the satisfactory completion of a comprehensive examination.

Students must contact their advisor to apply to take the comprehensive examination. Departments, typically accept applications no latter than the fourth week of the semester in which the student plans to complete the degree.

Any student who fails the comprehensive examination may, upon recommendation of the student's adviser, take a second examination. If the student fails the second examination, he or she will be dropped from the program.

Applying for Graduation

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