Transfer Students

Transfer students having fewer than 30 semester credit hours must meet the freshmen admission requirements as specified above.

Transfer students having successfully completed 30 semester hours or more at a regionally accredited institution must have earned a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (on a 4.00 scale) on all college/university coursework attempted. Transfer students who do not meet the minimal admission requirements may petition the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management for special admission.

Students seeking special certification courses may be admitted to complete the required certification courses.

Persons who have special ability, experience, or other circumstances to demonstrate readiness for college level work may petition for admission. In addition, consideration will be given to the individual's involvement and level of responsibility in extracurricular activities and involvement in responsible, non-academic affairs including employment and family responsibilities; status as a first generation college student; English not first language; and socioeconomic background. Petitions for special admission to the university must receive approval from the Admissions Committee prior to registration.

UT Tyler strives to provide guidance for prospective transfer students by outreach through community college visits, individual counseling, transfer credit evaluations, on-campus recruitment events, and orientation. UT Tyler offers transfer students incentives such as scholarship opportunities to those who qualify, and application fee waivers for those who attend Transfer Orientation. Transfer scholarship awards are renewable for two years and have the effect of waiving out-of-state tuition. Additional information regarding admission requirements, scholarship information, recommended degree plans, housing, student life, and athletics are all included on the UT Tyler web site: