Bachelor of General Studies Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours = 120

The BGS degree is designed for self-motivated students who desire a broad arts and sciences degree with an interdisciplinary perspective. Instead of a pursuing a traditional major, the BGS student creates, with the consent of a faculty advisor, an individualized plan of study around a coherent interdisciplinary theme, period, set of problems, specialization, or perspective not currently available through the combining of a traditional major and minor. Information about possible interdisciplinary areas of concentration is available from the Advising Center in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Students interested in the BGS degree must have a 3.5 grade point average and are encouraged to apply for the program before the end of their sophomore year.

Degree Requirements

  1. University Core Curriculum (44 hrs.)
  2. BGS Requirements
    1. BGS Core (42 hours, at least 36 upper division)

      Philosophy (3 hours)

      History, English (9 hours)

      Communication, Journalism (6 hours)

      Fine Arts (6 hours)

      Social Sciences or Psychology (9 hours)

      Science, Mathematics, Computer Science (9 hours in at least two disciplines)

    2. Interdisciplinary Area of Concentration (24-30 hours, at least 18 upper-division)
    3. Capstone Senior Project: BGST 4200
    4. Electives


65-71 Sem. Credit Hrs.

Note: Courses taken in the BGS Core and Area of Concentration may not include Core Curriculum courses. A maximum of 9 hours of BGS Core may count in the Area of Concentration and vice versa.