Minor in International Studies

The minor in international studies is designed to increase the global awareness and cross-cultural sensitivity of graduates. Students may focus on one of the three world regions: Latin America, Europe, or Asia.

The minor in international studies is an 18-hour program consisting of 1) a required core course, 2) one or two courses of upper-division directed electives dealing with global issues, 3) two courses in the world area of concentration, and 4) a travel-study course. If a student chooses not to concentrate in a world area, 9 hours must be taken from the list of directed electives. Courses taken to fulfill requirements for a major cannot be applied to the minor.

Students taking a minor in international studies must complete 6-8 hours in a modern foreign language before graduation. A student may demonstrate language proficiency by taking an examination in the chosen language.

  1. Core course:

    INTS 3300: Global Relations and Issues

  2. Directed Electives: (3-6 hours)

    ANTH 4360: Topics in Anthropology

    ART 3341: Art and Society: Ancient to Medieval

    ART 3342: Art and Society: Renaissance to Modern

    ART 4342: Non-Western Art

    BIOL 4304: Biogeography

    ECON 3305: Comparative Economic Systems

    FINA 4350: International Finance

    MANA 4310: International Management

    GEOG 1313: World Regional Geography

    HIST 3301: Patterns of World History

    JOUR 4350: International Mass Media

    POLS 3310: International Relations

    SOCI 3321: Multi-Cultural Studies

    SOCI 3380: Population Problems

    SPCM 4331: Intercultural Communication

  3. Concentration area: (6 hours)


    HIST 4393: Japanese Civilization

    HIST 4394: Chinese Civilization

    PHIL 4330: Comparative Religious Philosophy


    ART 4343-4347: Greek and Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, and Nineteenth-Century Art

    ART 4349: Twentieth-Century Art

    ENGL 2362: World Literature Through the Renaissance

    ENGL 2363: World Literature Since the Renaissance

    HIST 3352 - 3359: Renaissance, Reformation, Early Modern, Revolutionary,

    Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Europe

    HIST 3395: History of Russia

    POLS 3372: Politics of Russia and the CIS

    POLS 3375: European Political Systems

    SPAN 4331: Hispanic Culture and Civilization

    Latin America

    HIST 4391: Colonial Latin America

    HIST 4392: Modern Latin America

    POLS 3380: Politics of Latin America

    SPAN 4331: Hispanic Culture and Civilization

    SPAN 4365: Modern Latin-American Literature

  4. Travel-Study Experience: (3-6 hours)


18 Sem. Credit Hrs.