Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Objectives


The chemistry program offers students an opportunity to acquire a solid fundamental understanding of chemical principles, to acquire basic laboratory skills, to develop skills in oral and written communication and the use of the chemical literature, to gain an appreciation of chemistry, to develop critical thinking and logical reasoning, to use the scientific method, and to develop an ability to learn and work independently that will prepare them for advanced studies and successful careers in industry, medical professions, government, and education.

The chemistry curriculum is designed to accomplish the above objectives through contact with specific chemistry content, exposure to laboratory experiences, and encouragement of the creative process and independent research. The degree program is flexible so that an individual can best prepare for his or her specific career. Students are encouraged to choose supporting work and electives which reinforce their knowledge of chemistry. Students who receive a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and complete the curriculum approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS) graduate as ACS-certified chemists.