Bachelor of Arts/ or Science in Journalism Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

A. University Core Curriculum (44 hrs.)

B. A minimum grade of "C" in all journalism courses

C. 36 hours of journalism, 24 of which must be upper-division, and 12 must be taken at UT Tyler.

1. Journalism Core: (12 hours)

JOUR 2306: Media Design and Production *

JOUR 2307: Mass Media and Society**

JOUR 2311: Writing for the Mass Media**

JOUR 3318: Mass Media Law and Ethics

JOUR 3385: History of Mass Media

*Students demonstrating competency may substitute an additional three hours of journalism electives

**must be taken within the first nine (9) hours of journalism courses.

2. Journalism Option: (15-18 hours)

News/Editorial Option (15 hr.)

JOUR 3301: Feature Writing

JOUR 3312: Production Design

JOUR 3303: Reporting/News Writing

JOUR 4300 Opinion Writing

or JOUR 4325 R-TV News Writing

JOUR 4332 Advanced News Writing

Public Relations Option (18 hrs.)

JOUR 3340 Principles of Advertising

JOUR 3311 Visual Design

JOUR 3375 Principles of Public Relations

JOUR 3395 Writing for P.R. and Adv.

JOUR 4363 P.R. & Adv. Case Studies

JOUR 4365 P.R. and Adv.. Campaigns

3. Upper-division Journalism Electives (3-6 hours)


36 Sem. Credit Hrs.

D. Outside Required Courses: 6 hours from the following:

SPCM 1315: Fundamentals of Speech Communication

ECON 1301: Introduction to Economics

ECON 2301: Principles of Economics I

POLS 3310: International Relations

MANA 3311: Organization Theory and Behavior

MARK 3311: Principles of Marketing

GEOG 1313: World Regional Geography

ANTH 3330: Cultural Anthropology

E. Electives —including 4 semesters of foreign language

F. Minor –at least 18 hrs. in a single related discipline to be chosen in consultation with the student's major advisor.

Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

The B.S. degree requirements in journalism are the same as those for the B.A. degree except that instead of a foreign language requirement, the student is required to take six hours of mathematics, science, economics, geography and/or computer science, in addition to those otherwise counted in the Core Curriculum. These six hours may be taken at the lower- or upper-division.