Bachelor of Arts/ or Science in Speech Communication Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

A. University Core Curriculum (44 hrs.)

B. A minimum grade of "C" in each speech communication course

C. Thirty-six semester hours of speech communication, 21 of which must be upper division, and at least 12 upper division hours in the major must be taken at this university:

1. Speech Communication Core (18 hrs.)

SPCM 2318

SPCM 3322

SPCM 4315 or 4330

SPCM 4320

Six hours from: SPCM 1315, 2335, 3321, 4326

2. 18 hours of additional SPCM courses

D. Electives

E. Minor: At least 18 hrs. in a single related discipline to be chosen in consultation with the student's major advisor.

F. Four semesters of an approved foreign language: The student may also complete this requirement by passing a written examination approved by the foreign language faculty.

Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

The B.S. degree requirements in speech communication are the same as those for the B.A. degree except that instead of a foreign language requirement, the student is required to take six hours of mathematics, science, economics, geography and/or computer science, in addition to those otherwise counted as lower-division preparation. These six hours may be taken at the lower- or upper-division.