Department of Literature and Languages

Dr. Hui Wu, Chair

The Department of Literature and Languages offers courses leading to undergraduate degrees in English and Spanish; teaching specializations in English language arts and reading and Spanish. The department also provides elective courses in English, French, Latin, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Philosophy, and theatre as well as children's and adolescent literature courses for elementary education students. At the graduate level, the department offers the Master of Arts degree in English and participates in the Master of Arts in interdisciplinary studies.

Students are also encouraged to become involved in campus organizations such as Sigma Tau Delta and Sigma Delta Pi, national honor societies in English and Spanish, respectively, as well as Thirteen Ways and the Rosalis Montgomery Players, the campus literature and theatre groups.


The Department of Literature and Languages strives to expand students' awareness of, and sensitivity to, the diversity of human beings as expressed in their literatures, languages, ideas, values, and philosophies. Through the teaching of English, world languages, and philosophy, the department aims to enhance student abilities of critical reading, thinking, and writing in the evaluation of fundamental assumptions and concepts that shape language uses and discourse formation. By enhancing the quality of faculty, the curricula, the effectiveness of its support services, and the quality of its graduates, the department ties its mission to the University's mission to foster students' intellectual growth, competent and ethical professionalism, understanding of their place in a global society, and role as responsible citizens.