Bachelor of Arts in English Objectives


The English program seeks to graduate students who have mastered the principles of grammar and composition, who have a sound knowledge of the development of literature and intellectual culture, who comprehend the physical and intellectual demands required of the author, who have the ability to interpret individual literary works intelligently, and who understand how literature influences culture across both time and space. Programs are designed for students preparing for careers in a variety of fields—including elementary, secondary and higher education; journalism; communications; advertising; social work; publishing; theatre; theology; law; and government.


  1. B.A. in English: six hours of English Composition from the University Core Curriculum requirements, six hours of lower-division literature survey courses, 30 hours as specified, 18 hours in a minor, and four semesters of a foreign language
  2. Minors in English, Classical Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, English as a Second Language, and Theatre Studies: 18 hours for each program
  3. Teacher Certification