Bachelor of Arts/ Science in Political Science Objectives


The Department of Political Science provides a comprehensive understanding of the problems and processes of politics. In addition to acquiring critical writing, communications, and analytical skills, political science majors master the political institutions of both Texas and the United States, explore the intricacies of international relations and foreign policy, compare political systems, gain experience with the law, and are challenged by the basic philosophical questions of political existence.

A field of great breadth and diversity, political science is a very popular undergraduate major. Curricula promote critical thinking, ethics, citizenship skills, an understanding of cultural and social diversity within the national and international context and communication and technological skills.

A degree in political science is excellent preparation for a career in law or political analysis. Political science majors qualify for public sector careers in local, state and federal governments, international organizations, and pre-college and college teaching, as well as careers in journalism, finance, political campaigns, and interest groups and organizations. Training in political science further provides outstanding preparation for participation in community organizations, electoral politics, social and political movements, and elected or appointed positions in government.