Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

A. University Core Curriculum (44 hrs.)

B. No grade below a "C" in criminal justice courses will be accepted toward the degree.

C. A minimum of 21 semester hours of upper-division criminal justice courses as follows:

1. Ethical Issues--three semester hours:

CRIJ 3310: Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

2. Administration of Justice--three semester hours from:

CRIJ 3311: Admin. of Criminal Justice Agencies

CRIJ 3340: Victimology

CRIJ 4307: Juvenile Justice

CRIJ 4350: Comparative Criminal Justice

3. Criminology Theory--three semester hours from:

CRIJ 3320: Criminology

CRIJ 4340: Crimes of Violence

CRIJ 3350: Domestic Violence

4. Corrections--three semester hours from

CRIJ 4313: Corrections Theory and Practice

CRIJ 4314: Community-based Corrections

CRIJ 3322: Probation and Parole

5. Law Adjudication--six semester hours:

CRIJ 3326: Criminal Law

CRIJ 4341: Criminal Procedure

6. Law Enforcement--three semester hours

CRIJ 4333: Community Policing

7. Research and Methods--three semester hours

CRIJ 4322: Research Methods

8. Capstone Experience--three semester hours

CRIJ 4355: Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice

D. 12 hrs. of electives in Criminal Justice (minimum of six hours must be upper division)

E. A minor of 18 hours, chosen in consultation with the student's major advisor

F. Electives

Notes: (1) No more than 21 lower-division hours in criminal justice, law enforcement, or police science may be applied toward baccalaureate degree requirements. (2) All courses cross-listed between criminal justice and any other discipline must be taken as criminal justice courses.