Bachelor of Arts/ Science in Economics Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

A. University Core Curriculum (44 hrs.)

B. A minimum grade-point average of 2.0 in upper-division economics courses, including a 2.0 average in a minimum of 12 upper division hours of economics taken at this university. No grade below "C" in any economics course will be accepted for graduation.

C. Twelve hours of preparation comprised of:

1. MATH 1314 or MATH 1324 (may be part of Core Curriculum)

2. MATH 1342 and MATH 1325 (may be part of Core Curriculum)

3. COSC 1307 or 3309

D. A minimum of 30 hours in economics, of which 24 must be upper division, as follows:

1. ECON 2301 and 2302

2. ECON 3314 and 3317

3. ECON 4320 (required of all majors and should be taken in senior year)

4. Upper division economics chosen with advisor approval. (15 hours, of which 6 hours may include finance courses.)


30 Sem. Credit Hrs.

E. A minor of 18 hours chosen in consultation with the student's advisor

F. FOR THE BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE: at least four semesters of a single foreign language or a satisfactory grade on a written examination approved by the Department of Social Sciences

G. Electives