Minor in Music

Music may be chosen as a minor to satisfy bachelor's degree program requirements with majors in other fields. Students must audition in an applied area for acceptance in the program. A minimum of 19 hours is required, 6 of which must be upper-division. Students should consult with a music advisor prior to the first semester enrolled to discuss the availability of classes.

MUSI 1000: Recitals, Concerts, Productions (minimum 4 semesters with grade of CR)

MUSI 1311 and 1312: Music Theory

MUSI 1116 and 1117: Aural Skills

MUSI 1111 and 1112: Harmony & Keyboard

MUSI 2308: Music Literature

Guided Electives (6 hours from lower-division MUAP and/or upper-division MUSI, MUAP or MUEN courses with advisor approval)