Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours = 120

A degree in Construction Management prepares graduates to administer the entire range of construction operations on a project, from start to finish. The construction business is the largest industry in the United States with approximately 7 million employees. Construction and related industries account for more than 8 percent of the nation's Gross Domestic Product. Managing the construction process requires an extensive understanding of the principles of construction management as well as autonomy, professionalism, and leadership skills. Construction Managers are responsible for motivating teams, facilitating subcontractors, and managing equipment and materials to produce a finished structure.

The Construction Management Program prepares graduates for professional careers and leadership roles in construction and construction-related industries. The Construction Curriculum focuses on Professionalism, Leadership, Ethics, and Autonomy. Students are expected to participate in Service Learning and Community Service during their academic career at The University of Texas at Tyler.


Students completing the construction management major should be able to:

  1. Read construction plans & documents
  2. Execute construction specifications and building codes
  3. Reliably estimate construction projects by reading plans & specifications
  4. Schedule and plan construction projects
  5. Incorporate construction management, accounting, and financial principles to interpret and manage construction cost controls and the construction project
  6. Develop professionalism, autonomy, and leadership skills needed to excel in the construction industry as leaders and managers.

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum

Freshman Year

First Semester


ENGL 1301:

Grammar and Composition I

MATH 1316:


ART 1301:

Design I

HIST 1301:

United States History I

PHYS 1301:

College Physics I

PHYS 1101:

College Physics Lab

Total Hours:


Second Semester


ENGL 1302:

Grammar and Composition II

HIST 1302:

United States History II

Lab Science


ENGR 1304

Engineering Graphics I

MATH 1324:

Math for Bus and Econ I

Total Hours:


Sophomore Year

First Semester


POLS 2305:

US Government

CENG 2336:


ACCT 2301:

Principles of Financial Accounting

ECON 2301:

Principles of Economics I

CMGT 2302:

Intro. to Construction Mgmt.

Total Hours:


Second Semester


ENGL (choose one: 2322, 2323, 2362, or 2363)

POLS 2306:

Texas Government

SPCM 1315:

Fundamentals of Speech

MATH 1342:



Construction Materials and Methods

Total Hours:


Junior Year

First Semester


CMGT 3310:

Intro. Construction Structural Systems

TECH 3348:

Construction Safety

FINA 3311:

Principles of Finance

MANA 3311:

Managing People in Organizations

CMGT 4310:

Construction Estimating





Total Hours


Second Semester


CMGT 3315:

Construction Design Theory

CMGT 3320:

Soils & Foundations in Construction

CMGT 3365:

Mechanical and Electrical Systems

GENB 3301:

Business Law and Social Resp.

CMGT 4312:

Advanced Estimating

Total Hours


Senior Year

First Semester


CMGT 4331:

Construction Scheduling

CMGT 4335:

Construction Law & Ethics

CMGT 4375:

Construction Administration

CMGT 4315:

Construction Systems

CENG 4199:

Independent Study

Total Hours


Second Semester


ENGR 4370:

Undergraduate Internship

CMGT 4313:

Applied Constr. Structural Systems

CMGT 4385:

Commercial Construction

or CMGT 4330:

Construction Equipment

CMGT 4395:

Construction Management Capstone



Total Hours