Bachelor of Science in Industrial Safety Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours = 120

Industrial Safety is a field of study designed to prepare technical and/or management oriented professionals for employment as Environmental Health and Safety professionals in business, industry, education, and government. Industrial Safety is primarily involved with the management of comprehensive safety program elements within the private and public sector agencies and organizations. These elements may include OSHA and EPA compliance, analysis and control of hazards, workers compensation, emergency planning, safety training, facilities safety, employee wellness, accident investigation, and record keeping.

Program Objectives

  1. To instill within the student the concepts of how to effectively reduce the cost associated with workplace incidents and injuries through the use of effective risk management control techniques.
  2. To become proficient in the analysis of risks and develop specific loss control processes to improve efficiency, productivity, quality and safety in the workplace.
  3. To correctly identify hazards and exposures which dictate implementation of required corrective actions to remediate and control risks to workers, property, equipment, tools and financial resources.
  4. To become familiar with using loss control trends, common analysis techniques reports to prepare comprehensive safety business plans for guiding an organization's incident prevention process to include compliance with state and federal safety/environmental laws.

To identify behavioral safety concepts that best provide holistic motivation approaches for creating an organizational culture which subscribes to a belief that all accidents and injuries are unacceptable and preventable by using a progressive system approach to safety.

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum

Freshman Year

First Semester


ENGL 1301:

Grammar and Composition I

Lab Science




TECH 1301:

Technology and Society

TECH 1303:

Engineering Graphics`

Total Hours:


Second Semester


ENGL 1302:

Grammar and Composition II

MATH 1314:

College Algebra

HIST 1301:

United States History I

TECH 1330

Fundamentals of Electronics

Total Hours:


Sophomore Year

First Semester


Lab Science


HIST 1302:

United States History II

POLS 2305:

Intro. American Gov.

TECH 2311:

Mechanical and Fluid Systems

TECH 2330:

Info. Tech. and Commun.

Total Hours:


Second Semester


PSYC 1301

Intro. to Psychology

POLS 2306:

Intro. Texas Politics

ENGL 2323:

English Literature

TECH 2320:

Accident Prevention



Total Hours:


Junior Year

First Semester


MANA 3311:

Org. Behavior and Leadership

Fine and Performing Arts Elective

TECH 4310:

Total Quality Management

HRD 4333:

Human Relations

TECH 4330:

Occupational Safety and Health

Total Hours:


Second Semester


MATH 1342:


TECH 4301:


TECH 3344:

Industrial Safety

TECH 4300:

Fire Safety Systems





Total Hours:


Senior Year

First Semester


TECH 4370:

Undergraduate Internship

TECH 4332:

Industrial Environmental Problems

SPCM 1315:

Fundamentals of Speech

MANA 3320:

Human Resource Management



Total Hours:


Second Semester


TECH 4320:

Job Analysis Techniques

TECH 4372:

Technology Capstone

MANA 4335:

Industrial Relations

TECH 4173:

Electronic Portfolio





Total Hours: