Bachelor of Arts in Health and Kinesiology

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

The mission of the Bachelor of Arts Degree Program in Health and Kinesiology is to provide a broad understanding of both health and kinesiology as the basis for post-baccalaureate professional or graduate studies (e.g., medicine, physical therapy, exercise science), or entry-level positions in related fields (e.g., health, fitness). This program provides broad exposure to both health and kinesiology and gives flexibility with elective courses to design a program appropriate to academic and career goals. The student may use electives for further study of health and/or kinesiology.

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  1. University Core (44 hours)

    PHIL 1301: Introduction to Philosophy is recommended for meeting the humanities requirement of the University core curriculum.

  2. Departmental Lower-Division Requirements (12 hours)

    ALHS 1300/1100: Personal and Community Wellness/Laboratory

    BIOL 2301/2101: Anatomy and Physiology I/Laboratory

    BIOL 2302/2102: Anatomy and Physiology II/Laboratory

  3. Health and Kinesiology Core Courses (33 hours)

    ALHS 3301: Environmental Health

    ALHS 3302: Human Diseases

    ALHS 3352: Consumer Health

    ALHS 3360: Principles of Community and Public Health

    ALHS 4306: The Health Care Delivery System

    HECC 4308: Ethics

    KINE 3311/3112: Physiology of Exercise/Laboratory

    KINE 3303: Motor Development

    KINE 3331/3132: Human Motor Control and Learning/Laboratory

    KINE 3334/3135: Biomechanics and Anatomical Kinesiology/Lab

  4. Electives (31 hours)

    Select with advisor approval