Pre-Medical Technology (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)

Clinical Laboratory Science Programs require students to have a strong basic science background and develop expertise in clinical science and clinical laboratory procedures. Medical technologists are responsible for performing complex biological and chemical analysis on blood and other specimens to provide accurate and reliable laboratory test data to clinicians. Medical technologists know proper utilization of laboratory tests for diagnosis and treatment of disease, how to obtain appropriate specimens following sampling protocols, ways to use and maintain automated analytical systems, procedures for quality assurance and quality control testing, and interpretation and correlation of test results with disease states.

Clinical laboratory sciences degree is offered in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences at The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston. UTMB provides an opportunity for qualified students of UT Tyler who have identified Clinical Laboratory Sciences as a career choice to receive early acceptance into UTMB's CLS Program ("PROGRAM") towards completion of their Bachelor's of Science degree. UTMB will accept 60 semester credit hours from UT Tyler curriculum towards a baccalaureate degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

Description of Program

  1. The student enters a curriculum designed by UT Tyler that shall include the minimal course requirements as outlined below by the PROGRAM. The student is encouraged to take as many courses in the sciences as possible but should realize that a strong liberal arts background is important for the development of well-rounded and successful health professions students and practitioners.
  2. Participants in the PROGRAM will be assigned an advisor at UTMB to provide the student with a personal contact during the initial course of study at UT Tyler. The advisor will also aid the student in the timely completion of processes, such as completing UTMB admissions procedures.
  3. Following successful completion of the required curriculum at UT Tyler, the student will enroll in the PROGRAM, contingent upon the following:
    1. A grade of "C" or better in all required prerequisite courses.
    2. A cumulative GPA of 2.80 or above for all courses taken in the two year curriculum.
    3. A cumulative GPA of 2.80 or above for all required science courses.
    4. A positive recommendation by the PROGRAM's Admissions Committee.
    5. A positive record of ethical behavior during enrollment at UT Tyler.
  4. Repetition of courses may be considered acceptable if, in the opinion of the PROGRAM's Admission Committee, the number of these courses is not excessive. All grades of a repeated course are calculated into the student's overall GPA (not simply the latest or best grade).
  5. Following successful completion of the combined four-year curriculum at UT Tyler and UTMB, the student will be granted a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.
  6. Students who do not fulfill the requirements of this early acceptance program are in no way precluded from applying to the program through the usual process.

Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program Prerequisites

This transfer guide is subject to change. It is the responsibility of the student to verify the applicability of this information with both institutions.

CLS Prerequisite

Credit Hrs

UT Tyler Equivalent

UT Tyler Description

English Comp I & II*


ENGL 1301 & 1302

Grammar & Comp. I& II

World or British Literature *


ENGL 2322

English Lit. to 1780s

US History*


HIST 1301 & 1302

US History I & II

US & Texas Government*


POLS 2305 & 2306

Intro American Gov't. & Intro. Texas Politics

Biological Sciences1


BIOL 1306/1106; BIOL 1307/1107

General Biology I & II and Labs

General Microbiology


BIOL 2320/2120

Microbiology & Lab

General Chemistry1


CHEM 1311/1111; CHEM 1312/1112

General Chemistry I & II and Labs

Organic Chemistry 1


CHEM 3342/3143

Organic Chem. I & Lab

Mathematics 2


MATH 1314

College Algebra

Social Sciences


PSYC 1301 or SOCI 1301

General Psychology or Introduction to Sociology

Humanities *


SPCM 1315

Fundamentals of Speech

Fine Arts*
History or appreciation of fine arts




Human Physiology 1


BIOL 3343

Human Physiology

Computer Course 3


COSC 1307

Intro. to Information Systems Software

*These credits are required by the State of Texas for all students receiving a bachelor's degree in any field from a state institution.

1 Biology and chemistry courses should be offerings for science majors and include laboratories.

2 Mathematics must be College Algebra or higher.

3 The computer course should provide keyboard utilization, as well as experience with an integrated word processor, spreadsheet, and database program.