RN Option

The Mobility in Nursing Education (MINE) option is designed for registered nurses (ADN or diploma) as an alternative and accelerated educational program for the baccalaureate degree. The curriculum is constructed to augment prior learning and professional experiences of the RN. Classroom and independent learning activities accompanied by structured and individualized clinical experiences function to prepare the registered nurse at the baccalaureate level.

The curriculum flow is designed for the RN to complete the degree requirements in 12 months of full time study (2 regular academic semesters and 1 summer). Part time study is an option for those who cannot take a full semester of course work. Every effort is made to provide flexible scheduling of required nursing courses. The RN-BSN courses are web based offerings, or may be taken in the classroom. NURS 4501, Community Nursing is taught during the summer for the RN.

The RN enrolled in the MINE option is awarded 30 SCH of advanced placement credit with successful completion of NURS 3415. For the RN seeking to graduate with honors, an additional 15 SCH must be taken in order to meet the University requirement of completing 45 SCH at UT Tyler to graduate with honors (see graduation with honors requirements).