Several graduate degree programs at UT Tyler require a thesis. A student seeking a degree should consult the appropriate section of this catalog to determine if a particular degree requires a thesis.

Guidelines and Procedures

Students considering enrollment in a thesis course should obtain a copy of Guidelines for Preparation of Thesis or Dissertation at The University of Texas at Tyler" from the dean or graduate coordinator of the appropriate college. These guidelines describe procedures for typing, submitting, printing, and binding the thesis. Thesis guidelines may be found on the University website at the following address:


Students required to write a thesis for their degree must register for a thesis course each semester, after research has commenced, until the thesis has been accepted.

Oral Defense of Thesis/or Thesis Substitute

If a thesis or thesis substitute is required, a final oral defense also may be required by the program. The oral defense should be held only after all members of the committee have had adequate opportunity to review a draft of the master's thesis/substitute. The advisor is responsible for determining that the draft is in an appropriate form for committee evaluation. If substantial revisions are necessary, they should be completed before the final oral defense is scheduled. The committee may, at the time of the final oral but no later, require alterations and corrections, but these should constitute relatively minor changes agreed to by a majority of the committee members. The advisor is responsible for verifying that the changes required by the committee have been made.

All committee members are expected to be present at the defense. The final oral is open to the public. A thesis/substitute is accepted only after the approval of a majority of the examining committee members. When the oral exam is passed and the thesis/ substitute is deemed ready for publication, all members of the committee sign the Master's Thesis/Substitute Approval Form and send the form to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Failure of Examinations

A master's candidate who fails the oral defense may not take the examination a second time until at least three months after the first attempt. A student who fails an examination for the second time becomes ineligible for further graduate work. Upon request from the student's director of graduate studies, The Office of Graduate Studies may grant a student a third and final opportunity to take the oral defense.

Thesis Submissions Deadlines

The final copy of the thesis, prepared under standards as defined in Guidelines for Preparation of Thesis or Dissertation must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies no later than two weeks before the last day of final exams of the semester of intended graduation. Once approved by the Office of Graduate Studies, the student pays a binding fee, and the receipt and copies of the thesis to be bound are taken to the UT Tyler Library. A CD Rom with a PDF version of the thesis is delivered to the Office of Graduate Studies. The PDF version must include a scanned copy of the signature page with all signatures present.

Theses are regarded as publications and will be made available to the public once they are approved and submitted to the Graduate School.

Grading Policy

A student registered for thesis who does not submit the approved thesis to the dean or graduate coordinator of the appropriate college before the thesis deadline for that semester will receive an incomplete "I" grade. Once the thesis has been accepted, previous incomplete "I" grades for thesis work will be changed to credit "CR". A maximum of six semester hours of thesis credit may be applied to the masters degree.


The completed thesis must be approved by the thesis advisor, and the college graduate coordinator or dean before the student will receive final certification for the degree.