The policies and requirements outlined in this section of the catalog apply without exception to all departments or programs at the University of Texas at Tyler that offer doctoral degrees. The Office of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Council work closely with departments and programs to coordinate degree requirements and to ensure that they are fairly and equitably applied.

For a detailed set of doctoral policies and procedures, students should download the UT Tyler Graduate Handbook at

Doctoral Excessive Hours Fee ("99-Hour Rule")

All doctoral students (regardless of state residency classification) who exceed 99 hours of doctoral coursework will be required to pay out-of-state tuition. Doctoral coursework is any coursework taken by a student seeking a doctoral degree after the completion of an initial 30 semester hours of graduate credit (typically master's level work, regardless of whether the hours are taken as part of a master's degree, as a non-degree seeking student, certificate work, or as part of the doctoral program). (See Texas Education Code Sec. 61.046 (l))

This rule applies to all students admitted to a doctoral program at UT Tyler. This tuition structure applies to Texas residents as well as out-of-state residents and international students who were eligible to be charged tuition at the resident rate as a result of scholarship, fellowship awards, or employment as Graduate Assistants.

Program of Study

All doctoral programs consist, at minimum, of a coherent set of courses and other educational experiences, a Preliminary Examination for Candidacy, a dissertation, and a Final Oral Defense. Students must satisfy not only their departmental requirements, but also any additional requirements specified by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Foreign Language Requirements

The Office of Graduate Studies has no foreign language requirement for doctoral degrees; however, knowledge of one or more foreign languages may be required by individual doctoral programs.