Grades EC-12 Certification

To complete the EC-12 teaching certificate, the undergraduate candidate must complete the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, or Bachelor of Music degree that is appropriate for the designated teaching field. These requirements are located in the appropriate academic department. Admission requirements for candidates seeking EC-12 certification are provided in the School of Education section following the Certification section of this catalog.

Designated Teaching Fields:

Art (EC-12)

Health (EC-12)

Music (EC-12)

Physical Education (EC-12)

Spanish (EC-12)

Special Education (EC-12)

Candidates for EC-12 certification must complete the following professional education courses. (See the School of Education Advising Center for details.)

EC-12 Professional Education Courses:

EDUC 1301 Introduction to the Teaching Profession

EPSY 3340 Educational Psychology

EDUC 4320 Teaching Skills for the Intermediate and Secondary Teacher

EDUC 2301 Introduction to Special Populations

EDUC 4640 Student Teaching

EDUC 4057 Student Teaching Seminar

EDFB 4338 Literacy in the Content Areas

Take the appropriate pedagogy course, if required

EDUC 4312 Social Studies or

EDUC 4313 Mathematics or

EDUC 4314 Science or

EDUC 4315 Language Arts

*Student Teaching: Requirements for admission to student teaching are provided in the School of Education section of this catalog.

Professional education courses require related field experiences. These experiences occur in TEA-accredited schools. Individual instructors assign specific course requirements related to field experience. Refer to course descriptions in the university catalog. The School of Education in cooperation with participating school districts assigns students to school placements.

Certification Program Completion Requirements:

  1. Completion of Core Requirements for the degree with a "C" or better in each course;
  2. Admission to the School of Education (see the School of Education section);
  3. Completion of all Professional Education courses with a "C" or better, and a cumulative 2.5 GPA.;
  4. A final cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 for courses on the degree plan;
  5. Completion of appropriate content course requirements leading to the degree and the required GPA as designated by the content department;
  6. Successful completion of student teaching or internship;
  7. Successful completion of required TExES;
  8. Complete Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training;
  9. Submit to national criminal history background check.