Supplement: Special Education

Completion of 15 hrs. of specific coursework. The special education supplement can be earned concurrently with an initial classroom teaching certificate or added to a valid Texas teacher certificate upon successful completion of the specified course sequence and a passing score on the state examination.

EDUC 2301

EDSP 3354

EDSP 3356

EDSP 4269

EDSP 4360

A minimum grade point average of 2.5 in all courses leading to the special education supplement is required. Prospective teachers must achieve a minimum grade of "C" in all courses leading to the special education supplement.

Successful completion of the required TExES examination is necessary for a recommendation for teacher certification.

Field or clinical experiences are required in conjunction with professional education courses of the BSIS degree. The School of Education in cooperation with participating school districts assigns students to school placements.

*Student Teaching: Requirements for admission to student teaching are provided at the end of the BSIS section of this catalog.

In order to be eligible for a recommendation for EC-6 and special education teacher certification, candidates must pass required TExES examinations in addition to successfully completing the requirements for the BSIS degree and student teaching.