Master of Science in Industrial Safety

Master of Science in Industrial Safety--36 Semester Credit Hours

The Master of Science in Industrial Safety is designed to prepare the individual in the field of risk management, the management of the environment, and implementing programs through safety principles, practice, and laws. The M.S. in Industrial Safety is recognized by the Institute for Safety and Health Management.

Degree Requirements: The Master of Science in Industrial Safety degree is a 36-hour program that includes the following requirements:

Professional Core: 6

TECH 5301:

History & Philosophy of HRD/Technology

TECH 5303:

Research Techniques in HRD/Technology

Industrial Safety Core: 18

HRD 5307:

Measurement & Evaluation in HRD/Technology

TECH 5320:

Total Quality Management

TECH 5330:

Safety & Health Developments

TECH 5341:

Safety Programs

TECH 5346:

Environmental Management

One of the following:

TECH 5325:

Administration & Supervision of HRD

TECH 5328:

Topics in Technical Programs

TECH 5370:

Graduate Internship

TECH 5371:

Graduate Internship



MANA 5320:

Human and Organizational Behavior

MANA 5350:

Seminar in Human Resources Management

HRD 5313:

Management of Instructional Environment

One of the following:

TECH 5318:

Computer Applications in Technology

TECH 5305:

Seminar: Technology Perspectives

TECH 5331:

Project Management

HRD 5342:

Trends in Training

HRD 5350:

Organization Development

HRD 5352:

Leadership & Ethics in HRD


Total 36

Leveling (foundation) work may be assigned to those students entering this major field of study who have had no prior related course work or experience. This leveling course work will consist of the following courses pending the evaluation of the student's academic transcript by his/her academic advisor:

Foundation Total 15

TECH 3344:

Industrial Safety

TECH 4303:

Fire Safety Systems

TECH 4330:


TECH 4332:

Industrial Environmental Problems

TECH 4356:

Ergonomics in the Workplace