Master of Science in Kinesiology

Total Semester Credit Hours = 36

Kinesiology is the study of movement or exercise. The Master of Science Degree Program in Kinesiology will provide advanced research-oriented study of kinesiology. The program prepares for a broad range of careers in exercise, physical education, coaching- or sport-related settings, or provides foundation for subsequent doctoral study in exercise science, physical education and/or kinesiology. This degree is also appropriate for clinicians, such as physical therapists and athletic trainers, who want to further their understanding of the science related to their areas of practice. Strong background in the basic sciences is excellent preparation for the M.S. Kinesiology Degree Program.

Curriculum (36 semester hours)

HECC 5303: Research Design

HECC 5317: Biometric Methods

KINE 5315: Exercise Physiology II

KINE 5335: Biomechanics

KINE 5307: Motor Learning

HECC 5395: Thesis I

HECC 5396: Thesis II


HECC 5397: Internship I

HECC 5398: Internship II

Electives (15 semester hours) chosen with advisor