Filing for Graduation

All students at UT Tyler must formally apply for graduation by completing the following guidelines:

  1. Pay the non-refundable graduation fee in the Cashier's Office.
  2. Exchange the receipt of payment for an Application for Graduation form at the Enrollment Services Center.
  3. Complete the Application for Graduation form and return it to the Enrollment Services Center.

In order to facilitate a timely pre-graduation review of their graduation eligibility, all students are highly encouraged to apply prior to the Priority Filing Date for their term of graduation, as listed below.

Priority Filing Dates:

Fall graduation June 15

Spring graduation October 15

Summer graduation* March 15

Students must file for graduation no later than the Final Filing Deadline, as listed below, for the term in which they wish to graduate. All Final Filing Deadlines will be extended to the next available business day in the event they fall on a weekend or holiday. The Final Filing Deadlines for Fall and Spring terms are also the deadline for inclusion in the commencement program. Late applications will be automatically deferred to the next available term.

Final Filing Deadlines:

Fall graduation November 01

Spring graduation April 01

Summer graduation* July 15

*Summer graduates must participate in the following Fall commencement ceremony, and are automatically included in the program. Early participation in the preceding Spring ceremony is not permitted.

Students will receive updates on the status of their Application for Graduation from the department of their major field of study. Updates about the commencement ceremonies will distributed by the Office of the Registrar.