Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

  1. University Core Curriculum (44 hrs.)
  2. Grade of "C" or better in all mathematics courses completed.
  3. A total of 51 semester hours of mathematics completed, including 42 semester hours of upper-division mathematics, nine semester hours of mathematics at this university.
    1. Each student seeking a baccalaureate degree with a major in mathematics must complete the following specific requirements (42 hours)
      MATH 2413: Calculus I (lower division)
      MATH 2113: Calculus I Lab (lower division)
      MATH 2414: Calculus II (lower division)
      MATH 2114: Calculus II Lab (lower division)
      MATH 3404: Multivariate Calculus
      MATH 3104: Multivariate Calculus Lab
      MATH 3305: Ordinary Differential Equations
      MATH 3315: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
      MATH 3425: Foundations of Mathematics
      MATH 3336: Abstract Algebra I
      MATH 3345: Analysis I
      MATH 3373: Applied Mathematics I
      MATH 3380: Algorithms in Applied Mathematics
      MATH 4160: Senior Seminar I
      MATH 4161: Senior Seminar II
      MATH 4350: Theory of Probability
    2. One course chosen from the following (3 hours)
      MATH 4336: Abstract Algebra II
      MATH 4341: Analysis II
      MATH 4342: Introduction to Complex Variables
    3. One course chosen from the following (3 hours)
      MATH 4351: Applied Statistics
      MATH 4373: Applied Mathematics II
      MATH 4380: Modeling and Numerical Analysis
    4. One additional upper division mathematics course (3 hours)
      a. Students seeking teacher certification (8-12) must complete MATH 3365: Geometric Systems
      b. All other students may take any upper-division mathematics course except MATH 3203 and MATH 3351.
  4. Eighteen hours of approved electives in a related discipline or disciplines: at least nine semester hours must be at the upper division and at least six semester hours must be completed at UT Tyler.