Minor in International Relations

The International Relations minor provides intensive study of the dynamic forces and trends that characterize the contemporary political and economic world, and the impact of those forces within and across national boundaries. The minor consists of 18 semester credit hours as follows:

Political Science courses:

  1. three hours from: POLS 3310, 3315, 3390, 4310, 4315 and 4350;
  2. three hours from: POLS 3370, 3372, 3375, 3380, 3385, 3395 and 4325;
  3. three additional hours from A) or B) above;

    Elective courses:

  4. nine semester credit hours chosen from
    ANTH 3330: Cultural Anthropology
    CRIJ 4350: Comparative Criminal Justice
    ECON 3305: Comparative Economic Systems
    ECON 4330: International trade
    FINA 4350: International Finance and Multinational Business
    GEOG 1313: World Regional Geography
    MANA 4310: International Business
    SOCI 3321: Multicultural Studies
    HIST 3359: Twentieth-Century Europe
    HIST 3395: History of Russia
    HIST 4360: African History I
    HIST 4392: Modern Latin America
    HIST 4393: Japanese Civilization
    HIST 4394: Chinese Civilization
    HIST 4395: Modern Middle East

Additional courses may be substituted in item D with the approval of the Political Science Chair.