Bachelor of Arts/ Science in Social Sciences Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

  1. University Core Curriculum "C" or better in each course (44 hrs.)
  2. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 in upper division courses in Sociology, Anthropology and Geography.
  3. A minimum of 36 semester hours in Sociology, Anthropology, and Geography, including:
    1. Required Core Courses--27 hours
      ANTH 3330: Cultural Anthropology
      ANTH 3360: Archaeology
      ANTH 3380: Physical Anthropology
      GEOG 1313: World Regional Geography
      GEOG 3320: Physical Geography
      GEOG 4365: Topics in Geography
      SOCI 1301: Introduction to Sociology
      SOCI 3370: Social Theory
      SOCI 3396: Social Research Methods
    2. Social Sciences electives: A minimum of 9 additional hours in area of specialization (ANTH, GEOG, or SOCI)
  4. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences will require 12 hours of a foreign language.
  5. Courses from other institutions may be substituted for courses in Sociology, Anthropology and Geography only with approval of the program director. Twenty-one hours in these fields must be earned at UT Tyler.
  6. A minor of at least 18 hours, chosen in consultation with an advisor in the minor discipline. A student with a Social Science major may NOT also minor in Sociology, Geography or Anthropology.