Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Total Semester Credit Hours = 120

Professional opportunities in the field of accounting include professional practice as a Certified Public Accountant, corporate accountant, controller, and government sector fiscal officer. The accounting career path often leads to responsible positions in organizations such as comptroller, chief financial officer, or president of the firm. Accounting is also excellent training for graduate business degrees (e.g. the MBA) and for law school. The undergraduate program in accounting provides students with a solid foundation that, upon completion of guided graduate coursework, will meet the requirements necessary to sit for the Uniform CPA exam.


Educational outcomes for students who complete the accounting major include the following:

  1. Complete foundational accounting courses in preparation for graduate study that will meet requirements to sit for the Uniform CPA exam.
  2. Comprehend the policy, environmental, regulatory, and compliance issues of accounting.
  3. Understand and exercise the ethical and professional responsibilities of an accountant.
  4. Understand the content, concepts, structure, and use of internal and external reporting for organizations.
  5. Analyze, anticipate, and meet the information needs of decision makers.
  6. Understand different costing systems and their application to both manufacturing and service organizations.
  7. Comprehend and develop systems to identify, gather, measure, summarize, and analyze financial and non-financial data in organizations.
  8. Understand and apply the concepts, methods, and processes of accounting and administrative control.
  9. Understand the nature of attest services.
  10. Understand and apply the principles of taxation to financial and managerial decisions.

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum for Accounting CPA Track

Freshman Year

First Semester (16 hrs.)

ENGL 1301: English Composition I

HIST 1301: United States History I

TECH 2323: Introduction to Computer Applications

MATH 1324: Math for Business and Economics I


Second Semester (16 hrs.)

ENGL 1302: English Composition II

HIST 1302: United States History II

SPCM 1315: Fundamentals of Speech

MATH 1325: Math for Business and Economics II


Sophomore Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

POLS 2305: Introductory American Government

ECON 2301: Macroeconomics

ENGL 2322: World Literature

MATH 1342: Statistics

ACCT 2301: Principles of Financial Accounting

Second Semester (15 hrs.)

POLS 2306: Introductory Texas Politics

ECON 2302: Microeconomics

Fine and Performing Arts

ACCT 2302: Principles of Managerial Accounting


Junior Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

ACCT 3311: Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT 3325: Income Tax I

MANA 3370: Writing and Oral Presentations

MARK 3311: Principles of Marketing

BLAW 3301: Business Law and Social Responsibility.

Second Semester (16 hrs.)

ACCT 3312: Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT 3315: Cost Accounting

FINA 3311: Principles of Finance

MANA 3311: Managing People in Organizations

ACCT 3326: Income Tax II

MANA 3170: How to Get a Job

Senior Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

BLAW 4340: Ethics

MANA 3305: Operations Management

ACCT 4375: International Accounting and Finance

ACCT 4380: Auditing

ACCT 4398: Accounting Analysis and Reporting

Second Semester (12 hrs.)

ACCT 4330: Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting

ACCT 4391: Accounting Information Systems

MANA 4395: Strategic Management

Upper Division CBT Elective

Note: Total hours must equal at least 120