Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Total Semester Credit Hours = 120

The Management program prepares students for positions as managers and future executives in business and other organizations. Professional opportunities in management often begin as a "management trainee" in large companies or as an assistant manager in other businesses. Persons with careers in management are found in entrepreneurial, private, public, and not-for-profit organizations. Typical career paths lead students to become upper-level corporate executives, corporate presidents, CEOs and successful entrepreneurs.


Students completing the management major should be able to:

  1. Understand the complexity of managing human dynamics in the organizational setting.
  2. Recognize major managerial challenges such as the globalization of business, managing a cultural and ethnically diverse workplace, increasing interdependence among organizational units, intensifying competitive dynamics, and the escalating ethical responsibilities of managers.
  3. Understand the organizational and environmental context in which human resource managers function.
  4. Understand the organizational, labor, and legal environments in which managers function.
  5. Incorporate quantitative decision making into solutions of business problems.
  6. Understand factors that influence individual, group, and corporate behavior and use this knowledge to improve individual and firm performance.
  7. Develop managerial skills in activities such as: teamwork, motivation, decision making, negotiation, conflict resolution, leadership, and strategic management.
  8. Understand how strategic decisions are influenced by and also help to create competitive dynamics within and between industries.
  9. Recognize and assess the impact of environmental factors in decision making, as well as develop conceptual skills.
  10. Improve both written and oral communication skills.
  11. Develop competency in the use of enterprise-wide and discipline specific applications to solve business problems and assist in strategic decision making.

Suggested Four-Year Curriculum for Management

Freshman Year

First Semester (16 hrs.)

ENGL 1301: English Composition I

HIST 1301: United States History I

TECH 2323: Intro. to Computer Applications

MATH 1324: Math for Business and Economics I


Second Semester (16 hrs.)

ENGL 1302: English Composition II

HIST 1302: United States History II

SPCM 1315: Fundamentals of Speech

MATH 1325: Math for Business and Economics II


Sophomore Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

POLS 2305: Introductory American Government

ECON 2301: Macroeconomics

ACCT 2301: Principles of Financial Accounting.

ENGL 2322: World Literature

MATH 1342: Statistics

Second Semester (15 hrs.)

POLS 2306: Introductory Texas Politics

ECON 2302: Microeconomics

ACCT 2302: Principles of Managerial Accounting.

Fine and Performing Arts


Junior Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

BLAW 3301: Business Law and Social Responsibility

MANA 3370: Business Writing and Oral Present.

MANA 3311: Managing People in Organizations

MANA 3330: Management Information Systems

Upper-division CBT elective

Second Semester (15 hrs.)

MANA 3305: Operations Management

MARK 3311: Principles of Marketing

FINA 3311: Principles of Finance

Upper-division Management elective

MANA 3320: Human Resource Management

Senior Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

MANA 4315: Managerial Decision Making

MANA 4310: International Management

Upper-division Management elective

Upper-division CBT electives

Second Semester (13 hrs.)

MANA 4395: Strategic Management

Upper-division Management electives

Upper-division electives

MANA 3170: How to Get a Job

Note: Total hours must equal at least 120