Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences


The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) is a transfer degree program only. The BAAS program prepares students for leadership roles in business and industry. Students will also conduct comprehensive analysis of individual and group behaviors in organizations, and learn to develop and deliver effective training programs.


Requirements for the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences include:

  1. Forty-four (44) semester credit hours of General Education (Core Curriculum) requirements. (See the Core Curriculum requirements section of this catalog.)
  2. A BAAS Core consisting of 15 upper-division semester hours as follows:
    ACCT 3300: Survey of Accounting
    FINA 3315: Personal Finance
    MANA 3320: Human Resource Management
    HRD 3306: Team Building
    TECH 4301: Supervision
  3. A Major Field of Study consisting of 21-22 upper-division semester hours in Human Resource Development, Technology, Management, Marketing, Accounting or Finance as approved by the Dean of the College of Business and Technology.
  4. Additional courses as approved by the Dean to satisfy University degree requirements. Upper-division credit not to exceed 7 hours may be granted to individuals submitting evidence of relevant work experience in an area of technical specialization. This experience will be validated by a faculty committee. Evidence of this experience must be submitted within six months of initial enrollment.