Grades 8-12 Certification

The School of Education offers courses to prepare students for certification to teach in grades 8-12. To complete the 8-12 teaching certificate, the undergraduate candidate must complete the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree that is appropriate for the designated teaching field. These requirements are located in the appropriate academic department. Admission requirements for candidates seeking 8-12 certification are provided in School of Education section Admission Requirements.

Designated Teaching Fields:

Life Sciences (8-12)

Chemistry (8-12)

Mathematics (8-12)

Computer Science (8-12)

Physical Sciences (8-12)

English Language Arts and Reading (8-12)

Social Studies (8-12)

History (8-12)

Journalism (8-12)

Speech (7-12)

Candidates for 8-12 UTeach Math, Life Science, Chemistry, or Physical Science certification must complete the following professional education courses:

Year 1

EDUT 1170: Step I--Inquiry Approaches to Teaching

EDUT 2170: Step 2--Inquiry Based Lesson Design

Year 2

EDUT 3370: Knowing and Learning in Math/Science

HIST 3360 or PHIL 3360: Perspectives

Year 3

EDUT 3371: Classroom Interactions

BIOL 3360, CHEM 3360, or PHYS 3360: Research Methods

Year 4

EDUT 4370: Project-Based Instruction

EDUC 4640: Student Teaching

EDUT 4171: Apprentice Teaching Seminar

TOTAL 24 hrs.

Candidates for all other 8-12 certification must complete the following professional education courses. (See the School of Education Advising Center for details) Candidates majoring in computer science, English, history, political science, journalism, or speech who wish to become certified teachers should see their major advisor and the advisor in the School of Education for assistance with degree plans.

EDUC 3310: School in the Social Setting

EPSY 3340 Educational Psychology

EDUC 4320: Teaching Skills for the Intermediate and Secondary Teacher

EDSP 3351: Diverse Learners

EDUC 4312: Social Studies or

EDUC 4313: Math or

EDUC 4314: Science or

EDUC 4315: Language Arts

EDFB 4338: Literacy in the Content Areas

EDUC 4640: Student Teaching if required

EDUC 4057: Student Teaching Seminar

Take the appropriate pedagogy course, if required

Professional education courses require related field experiences. These experiences occur in TEA-accredited schools. The School of Education in cooperation with participating school districts assigns students to school placements.