The Coordinated Master of Business Administration and Master of Science Mechanical Engineering

This coordinated MBA-MSME degree option incorporates content in management, economics, finance, and marketing into a framework for mechanical engineering. The coordinated degree can be completed in 57 semester credit hours including courses for both Business and Engineering.

In addition to the general graduate admission requirements of The University of Texas at Tyler, students applying for admission to the MBA-MSME coordinated degree option must meet the College of Business and Technology and College of Engineering and Computer Science requirements listed elsewhere in this catalog.

Degree Requirements MBA-MSME

Note: See College of Engineering and Computer Science

The course requirements for the coordinated degree are as follows:

MSME Courses

Two of the following:

ENGR 5300: Systems Engineering

ENGR 5327: Quality Control and Statistics

ENGR 5320: Reliability Analysis

ENGR 5323: Design of Experiments

One of the following:

ENGR 5318: Manufacturing Systems

ENGR 5322: Human Factors

ENGR 5324: Engineering Project Management

ENGR 5331: Constraints Management

ENGR 5332: New Project Development

Six Project hours

ENGR 5650: Engineering Project (six hours)

or ENGR 5350: Engineering Project (taken twice)

15 additional hours of approved Mechanical Engineering Graduate Courses semester hours

MBA Courses

Thirty semester hours of graduate business courses:

ACCT 5300: Accounting Concepts and Processes

ACCT 5320: Accounting for Management Control

ECON 5300: Economic Concepts and Processes

ECON 5320: Advanced Economic Analysis

FINA 5320: Advanced Financial Management

MANA 5305: Decision Making in Operations Management

MANA 5320: Leading and Management People

MARK 5320 Advanced Marketing Fundamentals

MANA 5350: Strategic Human Resource Management

MANA 5395: Formulating and Implementing Strategy

Students completing the MBA-MSME coordinated degree option will be awarded both degree simultaneously upon completion of the joint program.