Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Total Semester Credit Hours = 30

On-line Programs

There are several on-line and hybrid options within the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction. Please visit the School of Education website for current information.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, the individual must:

  1. Hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Complete the on-line Graduate Admissions Application.
  3. Submit official transcripts from the undergraduate institutions attended.
  4. Be a certified teacher or be currently seeking certification.
  5. If required, send official scores (obtained within the past five years) on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions.
  6. Admission is determined based on:
    1. undergraduate GPA and, if necessary, satisfactory scores on the GRE in combination with the undergraduate GPA, and
    2. one or more of the following: a) the applicant's demonstrated commitment to his or her chosen field of study, b) socioeconomic background, c) first generation college graduate, d) multilingual proficiency, e) geographic region of residence, and f) level of responsibility in other matters including extracurricular activities, employment, community service, and family responsibilities.

Foundation Area (9 hrs.):

EDUC 5301: Research Methods
EDUC 5352: Curriculum Foundations (or equivalent)
EDUC 5302: Research in Curriculum and Instruction

Major Area (9 hrs.)

Curriculum and Instruction

Choose one from:
EDUC 5303: Applied Learning Theories
EDUC 5370: Historical and Philosophical Foundations
EDUC 5308: Current Issues in Education
EDUC 5306: Topics in Education

Human Diversity

Choose one from:
ENGL 5383: Acquisition and Development of ESL
EDUC 5356: Education that is Multicultural
EDSP 5350: Overview of Special Education

Educational Technology

Choose one from:
EDUC 5320: World Wide Web Applications
EDUC 5359: Educational Technology

Specialization Area (12 hrs.)

12 hrs. of specialization course work in STEM Education, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, ELL/Bilingual Education, Reading, or in a single content area