Grades EC-6 Generalist Certification

To complete the EC-6 teaching certificate, the candidate must have an earned bachelor's degree and complete course requirements and required TExES examinations. Individuals follow the undergraduate professional education course of study.

Professional Education course requirements for the EC-6 Generalist certificate include:

EDUC 1301: Introduction to the Teaching Profession

EDUC 2301: Introduction to Special Populations

EDUC 3312: Language and Literacy Acquisition

EDUC 3313: Integrating Arts and Movement

EDUC 3356: Instructional Programs-Moderate and Severe Disabilities

EDUC 3363: Managing Classrooms and Behavior in School Settings

EDUC 4057: Student Teaching Seminar OR EDUC 4058: Educational Aide Internship

EDUC 4321: Integrating Technology in the Classroom

EDUC 4322: Teaching Skills in EC-6

EDUC 4334: English Language Learners

EDUC 4365: Assessment for Instruction

EDUC 4369: Instructing Diverse Learners

EDUC 4640: Student Teaching EC-12 or EDIN 5380 and EDIN 5381: Internship in Student Teaching in Elementary School

ELED 4312: Teaching Social Studies in Elementary School

ELED 4313: Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School

ELED 4314: Teaching Science in Elementary School

EPSY 3330: Educational Psychology: Child Development and Learning

READ 3330: Children's Literature

READ 4350: Pre-K and Elementary Literacy

READ 4360: Literacy in the Elementary Classroom

READ 4366: Corrective Reading Practicum

NOTE: In some instances, graduate courses may be substituted for undergraduate courses. If accepted to graduate studies, the candidate may apply these courses to a master's degree. The candidate who wishes to pursue a graduate degree should take no more than 9 hrs. graduate course work before being admitted to the graduate program. For admission to The Graduate Studies, follow the requirements as listed earlier in this section of the catalog. (See post-baccalaureate advisor for details.)

*Student Teaching: Requirements for admission to student teaching are provided in the School of Education section following the certification section of this catalog.

Professional education courses require related field experiences. These experiences occur in TEA-accredited schools. The School of Education in cooperation with participating school districts assigns students to school placements.

In order to be eligible for a recommendation for EC-6 teacher certification, candidates must pass required TExES examinations in addition to successfully completing the course requirements and student teaching or internship, if applicable.