Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours= 120

Freshman Year

First Semester (14 hrs.)

COSC 1436:: Programming Fund.

HIST 1301: United States History I

MATH 2413: Calculus I

ENGL 1301: Grammar and Composition I

Second Semester (17 hrs.)

COSC 1437: Object-Oriented Paradigm

HIST 1302: United States History II

MATH 2414: Calculus II

ENGL 1302: Grammar and Composition II

MATH 2330: Discrete Structures

Sophomore Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

COSC 2336: Data Structures and Algorithms

MATH 3203: Matrix Methods

POLS 2305: Introductory American Government

PHYS 2325 : University Physics I

PHYS 2125: University Physics Lab I

Visual/Performing Arts

Second Semester (16 hrs.)

COSC 2315: Computer Organization

ENGL 23xx: World/ European Literature

POLS 2306: Introductory Texas Politics

PHYS 2326: University Physics II

PHYS 2126: University Physics Lab II


Junior Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

COSC 3325: Algorithm Design

COSC 3215: Social and Professional Issues

COSC 3445:: Computer Architecture

Approved Lower/Upper-Division Elective

COSC 4385: Database Management Concepts

Second Semester (16 hrs.)

COSC 3355: Operating Systems

COSC 4336: Software Development

MANA 3370: Information and Communication Techniques

Physical Science Elective III

Physical Science Elective III Lab

Social Sciences

Senior Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

COSC Upper-Division Elective I

COSC 4360: Net-Centric Computing

COSC 4315: Information and Knowledge Management.

MATH 3351: Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Approved Math/Science Elective

Second Semester (12 hrs.)

COSC 4395: Capstone Project

Approved Technical Elective

COSC Upper-Division Elective II

Approved Upper-Division Elective