Bachelor of Science in Chemistry--Biochemistry Emphasis (ACS-Certified)

Total Semester Hours=120

  1. University Core Curriculum — 44 hrs.
  2. A minimum grade of "C" in all chemistry courses.
  3. Completion of BIOL 1306/1106, BIOL 1307/1107, MATH 2413, MATH 2414, MATH 3404, PHYS 2325/2125, and PHYS 2326/2126.
  4. Completion of 52 semester hours of chemistry.

    Twelve semester hours of upper-division chemistry must be completed at this university. Chemistry courses required:
    CHEM 1311/1111: General Chemistry I/Lab
    CHEM 1312/1112: General Chemistry II/Lab
    CHEM 3310/3111: Analytical Chemistry/Lab
    CHEM 3320/3121: Inorganic Chemistry/Lab
    CHEM 3342/3143: Organic Chemistry I/Lab
    CHEM 3344/3145: Organic Chemistry II/Lab
    CHEM 3352/3153: Physical Chemistry I/Lab
    CHEM 3354/3155: Physical Chemistry II/Lab
    CHEM 4312/4113: Instrumental Analysis/Lab
    CHEM 4330: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
    CHEM 4334/4135: Biochemistry I/Lab
    CHEM 4240: Spectroscopy
    CHEM 4336: Biochemistry II
    CHEM 4346: Advanced Organic Chemistry
    CHEM 4191: Seminar

  5. Four (4) hours of biology (lab/lecture) chosen from BIOL 3334/3134, BIOL 3332/3133, or BIOL 4300/4101. A minor in biology, completed by taking all three of these courses, is strongly recommended.
  6. Approved lower and upper-division electives selected with the student's career goals in mind. Suggested electives include courses in chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, statistics, education, speech, technical writing, technology, economics, psychology, sociology, and business administration.

    Preparation for careers in specialized areas of chemistry is possible by careful selection of supporting areas of concentration. A partial list of specialized chemistry careers includes chemical marketing, chemical business, environmental chemistry, forensic science, pre-law (chemical patents), health professions (pre-medical and pre-dental), technical writing, biotechnology, and chemical technology. Students should confer with the academic advisor of the department in regard to such options and their career goals.