Honors Curriculum

The curriculum of the UT Tyler Honors Program consists of 12 hours of honors courses for the university's core curriculum, 6 hours of honors in the major, and an honors thesis. To be eligible for special Honors designation at graduation, you must complete the 24-hour Honors Program and attend all Honors Colloquia, as described below.

Honors Colloquium

One of the hallmarks of the Honors Program is the Honors Colloquium, which is an opportunity for students to meet and talk with scholars, as well as local, regional, and national leaders about topics that relate to each semester's courses. The Colloquium may also include museum trips, service projects, productions, and other leadership and learning activities

Honors in the Core (12 hrs.)

Honors students must enroll in one Honors Seminar (HNRS) in each of the student's first 4 semesters. These 12 hours of Honors Seminars will replace 12 hours of standard Core Curriculum. Students will be required to meet the remaining 32 hours of the Core Curriculum as determined by the Honors director.

Honors in the Major (6 hrs.)

Each semester of the junior year, students will enroll in a contract course in their major in which they will complete an additional research project. Contract courses will be chosen in consultation with the Honors director.

Honors Thesis (6 hrs.)

In the senior year, students will complete an honors thesis in the major. The thesis will be written under the guidance of a faculty member in the student's discipline with the approval of the Honors director.