Minor in Theatre Studies

Theatre Studies may be chosen as a minor for students with majors in other fields. A minor in Theatre Studies requires at least 18 hours of courses, 12 of which must be upper level. At least 9 credit hours must be completed at this university.

Theatre Studies Minor

  1. Introduction to Theatre (6 hrs.)
    THTR 1351: Acting: An Introduction
    THTR 1301: The Theatre: Plays in Performance
    or THTR 1356: The Cinema: Films and Performers (select one)
  2. Theatre History (6 hrs.)
    THTR 3329: Theatre History: Aeschylus to Shakespeare
    THTR 3330: Theatre History: Moliere to the Present
  3. English Literature (3 hrs.)
    ENGL 4310: Shakespeare
  4. THTR 4329: Topics in Drama (3 hrs.)