Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Religion Studies

Total Semester Credit Hours = 120

The Religion Studies program provides a secular study of religion and religious practice, beliefs, history, and culture. The degree will examine the world's religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, or Islam using the tools of other academic fields including philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology, music and art. Courses will not only examine various religions and comparative belief systems, but look at such issues as the paradoxical nature of religion, atheism, religion and politics, role of ritual, naturalistic religions, etc. While this program is not designed for clerical careers, students wishing to go onto theological study may find this minor excellent preparation.

Degree Requirements

  1. University Core Curriculum (44 hrs.)
  2. No grade below a "C" in major courses will be accepted toward the degree.
  3. Completion of the following required courses: RELI 1301, RELI 2350, PHIL 4330, and RELI 4353
  4. Complete a minimum of 15 hours from the list below:

    Western Religions (3 hrs.)
    ANTH 3330: Cultural Anthropology

    Non-Western Religions (6 hrs.)
    RELI 3310: Introduction to Judaism
    RELI 3320: Introduction to Islam
    RELI 3340: Asian Religions
    RELI 3343: Introduction to Buddhism

    Religious Texts (3 hrs.)
    RELI 4353: Religious Texts (repeated when texts change)

    Religious History (3 hrs.)
    ART 4350: Early Christian and Byzantine Art
    RELI 3350: Religion and Politics
    HIST 3353: Reformation Europe
    HIST 3354: Medieval Europe

  5. Complete 9 hours of electives from below:
    ANTH 3330: Cultural Anthropology
    RELI 3350: Religion and Politics
    RELI 4360: Special Topics (may be repeated when topics change)
    SPCM 4333: Religious Communications
  6. At least four semesters of a single foreign language or the demonstration of equivalent competency. The student may also complete this requirement by passing a written examination approved by the foreign language faculty
  7. Electives to complete 120 hrs. for the baccalaureate degree.